Windows PC RepairsDesktops, Laptops, All-In-One
Onsite ServiceAt Home & Office
Apple Mac RepairsiMac, Macbook Pro
System Diagnostic
Simply call our trusted technicians for a free consultation. We help you to spend "Less" not just "Save More". Click here to learn more.
Worth it to replace or repair?
It's common to believe it is cheaper to replace a new computer when it goes wrong. It often just needs a simple fix or maybe a little more to repair/upgrade with the latest qualified components.
Defective Screen
Cracked Screen
Broken Hinges or Covers
Bad Touch Screen
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Same Day Service*
Quick turn-around repair with our in-stock screens. We may do a special order for particular models or touch screens.
Virus Removal
Think your computer has viruses?
We can fix it today!*
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Your computer will be working properly again
PC suddenly running so slow? Pop-ups? Errors? Blue Screen? Can't get online? Takes you to unknown websites? If "Yes", your computer will need a virus removal and a complete tune-up or format reload OS.
Liquid Damage
Don't Ignore Minor Spills!
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Free Consultation
You may experience issues within days or weeks. Better to get a clean-up before it turns into a costly replacement!
Data Services
Data Transfer, Recovery, Back-Up
Hard Drive Cloning
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Save your valued data before you lose it forever
We can almost always repair and retrieve data from defective thumb drive, hard drive. We transfer data from old systems to new systems. Back up to external drive.
Other Services
Walk-In, At Home, In Office
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We fix almost all problems
Complete System Set-Up from networks, routers, users, emails, etc. If services are not available in-store, we will set up an appointment to assist you on-site.
No Power
Bad Power Supply. Dead AC Adapter.
Defective Power Jack. Defective Battery.
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Stop by for a quick diagnostic
"No Power" problems need troubleshooting. It may be a simple fix to replace the power supply.
Defective Keyboard
Replace Missing Keys
Replace for a New Keyboard
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Same Day Service*
Keyboard issues are not a big deal. If we have similar keys, we can replace it for you; otherwise, swap for another one. Most of the time, this service turns around quickly.
Repairs & Upgrades
Hard Disk Replacement
Solid State Drive Upgrade
Memory Upgrade
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Satisfaction guaranteed
If your computer isn’t FAST, you are not doing it right. We highly recommend to do an upgrade with a SSD (Solid State Drive) which is the most universal and effective way to increase your computer’s speed.

( * ) We strive to repair customers’ computers same day to reduce downtime. The time frame can vary based on the problems and component availability.

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